On the cusp of traditional: Taos-based Alex Chavez uses art to express himself

By Adrian Gomez / Journal Arts Editor
Nov 23, 2023

Artisans who are exceptional in their creative field will be selling a mix of contemporary and traditional handcrafted styles.
Chavez will bring his oil paintings to the market.
“I work in traditional oil painting techniques in the style of figurative realism,” he says. “My art celebrates the beauty of culture with a sense of bravado and experience brushwork.”f
Chavez participated in the New Mexico Artisan Market last year and found it to be successful.
He will bring 24 oil paintings and about 300- 400 posters.
“Those sell really well because they make for great gifts,” he says. “The market helps open up my work to a diverse audience. The posters are of my oil paintings and it makes is accessible to many more people.”
In his Taos home studio, Chavez will have art connoisseurs over to purchase the original paintings.
On the cusp of traditional: Taos-based Alex Chavez uses art to express himself

Chavez was born and raised in Los Angeles, yet his mother’s family is from Taos.
During college, he was a graphic designer for many years as he refined his process for art.
He got married and had children and moved back to Taos. “I would visit yearly when I didn’t live there,” he says. “New Mexico continues to be a thriving artist community, and I worked on my craft and did the fairs on the weekend.” Chavez invested in real estate and by 2013, he was able to focus on art full time. “Since I live in Taos, I get a lot of work done,” he says. “My studio is in the loft in the house and I’m often inspired by the mountain and the light. I bring those two influences together to create.” Chavez enjoys participating in the art markets around the state. “These days, I prefer staying close to New Mexico and doing indoor shows,” he says. “You don’t have to worry about the weather. I enjoy traveling all over the state to showcase my art.” When he’s not participating in markets, he makes the most of his time creating art.
“Give me three hours along,” he says. “I’ll create something beautiful. I get my best painting done in the morning.”

Adrian Gomez