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Top Ten Fine Artists

Picass0 Francis Bacon Raphael Jackson Pollock John Singer Sergeant Maurizio L’Altrella Jean-Michel Basquiat Milt Kobayashi Salvador Dali El Greco Honorable Mentions Henri Russo Paul Guigon Michael Hussat Francisco Goya

Top Ten Bands

The Fall (Mark E. Smith) Cocteau Twins Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath The Doors Black Flag The Mothers of Invention David Bowie Pink Floyd The Beatles Honorable Mentions The Rolling Stones Yes ELP Captain Beef-heat & his Magic Band Sex Pistols…

Top Ten Movies

Apocalypse Now (Reduex) Apocalypto The Wizard of Oz Baron VonMunchausen Alice in Wonderland (1933) Dune (2021) Blade Runner Blue Velvet Mad Max: Fury Road Night of the Living Dead (1968) Honorable Mentions THX 1138 The World’s Greatest Sinner Basket Case Dead Man

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