Painting Process 2019

A preliminary #drawing I started and thought I’d #share. As you can see I #paint from a composite #painting I did on my iPad last night. Using a proportional divider to plot points and get some accuracy in my drawing. The background was painted a couple of weeks ago on a 18x24in. ampersand panel with some leftover paint when cleaning my pallet. So the color is completely random. After a very angular drawing in place, I start blocking in some dark shadow areas.

Drawing this morning I realized the figure in this composition needed #wings. I think only having one figure with wings will add to the narrative. Now that I’m #painting larger I’m doing more full figure and now multiple figures. The wings are from a really good video tutorial I purchased on Deviantart by Yuchen Ghong Art I will probably add them to my iPad #drawing so I can play around with the #color

Blocking in color. I’m using #genevapaints from Mark Carder Studio. The wings were #painted using warm white from Graham oil paints with some Neo Megilp medium by Gamblin to thin it down. At this point, I have two hours into this painting. I will let it dry completely. Then start another session.

Started session two of this painting by concentrating on the two faces. This is a detail of one of them. I will post the full image tomorrow. Which is an 18×24 inch wood panel. I work on the faces early on because they will be the focus of the painting and contain the most detail.

Another detail of an 18×24 in. Work in Progress #wip This is a close up of the head closer to the top of the canvas. The one I spent hours on. Being an unfinished painting anything may change before I show it. I find that I change most of the paintings after posting here. I guess they are all works in progress until I varnish them. And even then I will remove the varnish to completely paint over pieces that do not stand the test of time. See the full image in my previous post

The story so far… This is after the second session. The panel was dry when I started. It might not look like much progress was made. Most of the 3 to 4 hours was spent on the face closest to the top of the painting. The other face had a better under drawing and it came much easier. I also spent some time working on the upper background area. I should have this painting close to finished with just one more 4 hour session. Followed up with a couple of weeks of tiny little fixes to inspire that all the values are working and every square inch is perfected